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What lies behind a symptom

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What lies behind a symptom

Are we a collection of un-related organs?
Following our present day model of thinking, we try to make feel of the sector with the aid of looking for the single reason at the back of each unique phenomenon, and that is actual additionally for signs of sickness. To this, add the shared view of the frame as a set of separate organs, tissues, and chemical compounds that in some way have very little to do with each other despite the reality that they are contained inside the equal bundle, sharing the equal fluids, and being kept alive by using the identical source.

these views bring about a restricted expertise of the workings of the bodythat are in truth based on complicated networks and relationships between one-of-a-kind substances, organs, and systems – and of the way infection may additionally expand, which depart us not able to correctly maintain our health. regardless of how manyunmarried causative elements” of particular illnesses we address, we do now not seem to enhance our possibilities of keeping off ailments as it's far continuously proven by means of the reviews at the increase of continual, regularly incurable, conditions all around us.

similarly, we've got come to regard feeling ill as a nuisance that prevents us from sporting on with our common tasks. this is due in part to societal pressures regarding productiveness and a aggressive environment that makes many human beings sense like they should try more difficult; and in part to lacking a primary know-how of our very own needs. accordingly, we have advanced a tendency to be oblivious of small symptoms -the ones little niggles we be aware however which don’t without a doubt bother us that lots- within the desire that they'll leave with the aid of themselves. by the point continual infection sets in, frequently stopping us from doing matters that we would usually do with out wondering, we are able to have likely experienced minor signs and symptoms over months, even years. only then, we begin to go to medical doctors expecting them to locate the unmarried aspect this is inflicting all our signs and symptoms, to then provide us a magic treatment in order to take it all away in order that we can move back to “ordinary”. this may paintings or, as in such a lot of cases, won't.

I realize this not just due to the fact I see it in my clinics all of the time, but due to the fact i have experienced it myself. we all appear to assume our frame with the intention to bring us with out giving us trouble, irrespective of what we do to it. So, like most of the people around me, I spent many years of my lifestyles underneath huge pressure, eating garbage, consuming an excessive amount of alcohol, overdosing on espresso, sugar, and tobacco, not drinking sufficient water, not consuming enough veggies, over-exercise or at times no longer shifting at all for months on give up, and in no way sleeping sufficient. i was nevertheless alternatively aggravated or even amazed when -at the same time as still in my 1920s- the whole thing stopped working, and the health practitioner could not discover how to fix me. At the start, the drugs from the doctor did carry some remedy, however the alleviation became an increasing number of quick-lived until persistent kidney failure became evident and i felt like an exhausted and achy ninety year antique inside my youthful frame. by some means I had were given to consider that, after years of mistreatment, my toxicity-laden, malnourished, harassed, and exhausted body should be capable of fend off ailment and flow freely, constantly. And while it failed to, I then seemed it as a large nuisance that might simply now not permit me keep on with my existence. I just wanted it all to move away so that I ought to pass again to “ordinary”.

What I ultimately realised become that “normalchanged into in truth a first-rate purpose of my signs. as a result, going returned to “normalwhenever I felt a bit better, was best ever going to make the signs and symptoms come lower back, both within the same manner, with more intensity and severity, or at a exceptional degree of my gadget; and it did. this is what occurs. it can take weeks, months, or years - it doesn’t without a doubt be counted - the factor is that even supposing we get a few respite from our signs and symptoms, if we pass again to not assembly the simple needs of our bodies, they will most in all likelihood come lower back to haunt us.

the good information is that when we well known the truth that what we do in our every day lifestyles may have massive effect on our fitness and illness, and start taking responsibility for our own well-being, the opportunity of enhancing our health inside the quick and long terms opens up in front of us. that is no rapid or smooth path for sure. It took me many years to "undo" the harm I had achieved to my body and to develop enough knowledge of my own bodily, emotional, and mental wishes for you to hold my fitness. This involves ongoing effort to recognize the changing wishes of my body that arise in reaction to the getting old method and to the steady modifications in my external surroundings. The pay lower back for all this paintings and the work that countless first-rate practitioners have finished with me over the years, is that I feel stronger, happier, and extra supple now that i'm in my 1940s than I did all through my Twenties. more importantly, when I do succumb to self-indulgence and excess, as one does occasionally, I recognise what I want to do to restore stability. despite the fact that I do not see this as assurance that i can by no means be sick or that i will live to be over 100, I recognise for certain that cultivating my very own well being is not most effective improving my fitness however enabling me to completely experience my present lifestyles.

The holistic view
A symptom is a warning that something is wrong
In holistic medicine, a symptom is viewed as a message from our internal body, telling us that something is wrong. Just in the same way as the little lights on the dashboard of the car announce that the engine is overheating or that petrol is running low, a symptom is there to call our attention to a specific area or function of the body or just to the fact that something, somewhere, is not working properly. Just like it would happen if we ignore the dashboard lights, ignoring a symptom will not necessarily make it go away.

Chinese medicine theory provides a framework to help us determine the origin of a symptom so that both the symptom and its cause can be addressed at the same time. In this theory, all the internal organs are connected to each other and to all parts of the body through a network of vessels and channels that allow the flow of Blood, energy, and fluids between them. When an organ fails to function properly or the free flow is interrupted in a particular vessel or channel, this can have a knock on effect on different parts of the body, resulting on a symptom that, when using our Western understanding, could seem totally unrelated to the originating organ. Through detailed questioning and examination, a TCM practitioner seeks to map out all symptoms into a coherent diagnosis that will link them to the internal imbalance that has caused them. Once the underlying cause of the symptoms has been identified, a practitioner can determine the best treatment options, as well as the most suitable dietary, and life-style changes that will not only enhance treatment effects but prevent their recurrence.

True TCM in fact regards the prevention of illness as the most important form of treatment. This is why in the Chinese culture, the talk of health and longevity is commonplace and many of the traditional customs reflect an understanding of what the body needs at different times of the year and at different times of life. This understanding is what we have lost in the West. We have grown accustomed to hand the responsibility for our health and well-being to other people – scientists, pharmacists, doctors, nutritionists, therapists, etc. –, and lost the ability to look after our most basic needs in the process. We also lost sight of two important sources of knowledge:
  • Our instincts regarding what is good and bad for us: This is how other animals know what to eat or not when they live in the wild. Without it, they would be very confused and even keep poisoning themselves, just like we do.
  • The experience of past generations: This is how our grandmothers found out that garlic and elderberry were good remedies during the cold season, and where they got their knowledge of what nutritious food consisted of. They, unlike us, did not need experts to tell them that both garlic and elderberry contain immune boosting, infection-fighting compounds, or that fresh, locally grown, seasonal food was the best nutritional choice for the family. They just trusted the experience of the many generations before them and acquired the knowledge passed on from their elders.

So there is a strong need to go back to basics and relearn how to look after ourselves. Only then, we will be able to wisely integrate the incredible amount of knowledge acquired by science in the last few hundred years with the much older knowledge ingrained in our cells and in our culture so that we try to stop the current trends that will make the next generation become disease-ridden far too early in life.

But a change of attitude is also needed here. We need to develop self-care, self-love, and self-respect, and to understand that giving ourselves everything that we crave is not conducive to long lasting wellness or happiness. 

Your body is for life, not just for Christmas
Changing our ways
I find it thrilling that we generally tend to appearance after our motors a lot higher than we do our bodies. Our vehicles are taken into consideration deserving of a great weekly easy interior and out, a normal take a look at-up, and at least one full service according to yr. we are acutely aware that petrol cars shouldn’t get filled with diesel, and that we frequently want to supply them with air, water, and oil. we might not count on our motors to run easily without an appropriate care. but, even though we have at the least a vague idea of the sort of things we need to be doing to hold our bodies in running order, no longer only will we fail to do them but additionally assume the frame to be just pleasant for it. you can argue that it's far a query of safety and that we look after automobiles in order that we do no longer kill ourselves on the road. that is of route right, but permit me ask you in case you suppose it issecure” to treat your frame in a manner which you understand goes to make it prematurely degenerate with the possibility of spending a long time of your lifestyles loss of life in painful slow motion?

I regularly hear the argument of “enjoying life at the same time as it is there considering that we’re going to die anyway” as an excuse for whole push aside to the frame’s desires. I don't absolutely assume it's miles about demise or no longer demise, or maybe approximately how vintage we are when we die, but approximately how nicely we want to sense whilst the time comes. in the end, diabetes, chronic pain, arthritis, despair, tension, IBS, or persistent fatigue syndrome - simply to call a few common chronic conditions that any people should expand- will no longer necessarily kill us any quicker. What they are able to do, is take increasing amounts of pride out of our lives over a period that can effortlessly increase among years and a long time. After my revel in of day by day ache, exhaustion and a host of debilitating signs and symptoms over numerous years, i am convinced that every attempt we make to stay healthful is well well worth bba0dbeb6a5d3c2fa0d3f365b4817df5 delight of knowing that each morning while we get away from bed we will look ahead to the fullest experience of lifestyles we will possibly get.

ultimately, our choices will more often than not affect our own selves, so it's miles our frame, our fitness, our existence, and our dying we are gambling with. the earlier we assume this duty, the happier and more healthy we will be ultimately.

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